About NMB

NMB started behind a young black woman that loved the idea of using natural products to maintain her skin. I’ve always been intrigued by natural healing remedies and their benefits. As a teen I tried every skincare product in my grandmother's bathroom cabinet.
Now not to say those products didn't work, they just didn't work for me. I was looking for a certain glow about my skin that I wanted to be able to display without makeup. I needed to have a level of confidence that every woman should have after completing their skincare routine. So in 2018 I was over the idea of testing different chemicals on my skin. It was time to use all of those at home remedies that I created for myself and share them with the world.
Fast forward to may of 2019, it was like a match was lit under me to get things going. I started the process with lining things up to create a skincare business not knowing what it would bring about. I believe in simplifying skin care and not being overwhelmed by the steps to a regimen. Self care should feel like spa treatment, so be kind to yourself and recite an affirmation to yourself daily. 
NMB will be your favorite beauty brand dedicated to uplifting others while reminding them to take care of themselves. Come be apart of the experience with me!



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